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Parkwoods United Church

There is always that sense of “family”, with outreach in the local community and beyond. Many of the activities and services revolve around this outreach. There is a sense that Parkwood’s people work together, each person using his or her talents to contribute to this sense of mission.

Why Parkwoods? »

Parkwoods is about many things, but essentially, it is about its people and what they do for the Glory of God.

Vision & Mission »

We Are a community of people, diverse in age and race, who believe in God as revealed in Jesus Christ.

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Learn about the programs and activities that make Parkwoods a special place.

Pastor's Blog, Sermons & Events

Season of Pentecost - Small Prayer - October 29, 2020

Many of us have friends and family in the United States.  With them we watch the current divisions in that…

Season of Pentecost “Oops, that was a mistake” October 26, 2020

I decided with the arrival of the Second Wave of this corona virus and the government decision to restrict more…

Season of Pentecost, “On getting a lot done…” October 21, 2020

I decided to order my groceries online this week and have them delivered to my home.  The “window” for delivery…

Season of Pentecost, “Not being there being there…”  October 19, 2020

They were all gathered in one place and a gush of wind blew through the room and touched them like…

Sermon, October 25, 2020  “ From shepherd to prince…”   2 Samuel 7 vs. 1-17

David is a biblical figure that has fascinated much of the world since his story was first penned.  From a…

Sermon, October 16th, 2016 “Pillars of the earth”  1 Samuel 1 vs. 1-11; & 2 vs. 1-10

My daughter and I spent Thanksgiving together, so she searched for a place in a small town where we could…

Sermon, October 11th, 2020      Exodus 32 vs. 1-14

It is Thanksgiving Weekend and a time when we remember the goodness of the land and the goodness of our…

Sermon, October 4th, 2020   “The Promise of Passover”  Exodus 12 vs. 1-13; 13 vs. 1-8

The Passover story, because we remember it as the meal that Jesus celebrated on his last night with his disciples…

Exercise Classes

Exercise classes for Seniors are held every Tuesday and Thursday morning. No cost for seniors 65 and over with an OHIP card. Come and join us!

Art Classes

Watercolour Art Classes are held on Wednesday mornings in the lower church hall at 10 o’clock under the instruction of professional artist Melinda Calway.

Young at Heart

The Young at Heart group meet Fridays from 12 noon to 3:00 p.m. If you would like to meet new friends, young and old, come and join us for a fun game of Bridge and/or Euchre.

Sunday School

Our nursery is staffed every Sunday morning with an experienced, CPR-certified caregiver. Infants to children up to 4 years old are welcome to enjoy this space!



We have been advised by the Toronto Fire Department that the four parking spaces in front of the church have been designated as a ‘FIRE ROUTE’. This means that effective immediately, there is to be NO PARKING in these spaces. If you choose to do so, you could be subject to a $250.00 fine under the Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 880. The two handicap parking spaces at the end of the fire route are not affected.