The large majority of people in the United Church were baptised as infants or children even though we do baptise people of all ages and at all stages of life. Baptism is the rite that welcomes people into the membership of the world-wide fellowship of the Church through the actions of a local congregation. Infants and children are ‘sponsored’ by their parents, sometimes a member of the congregation and always the whole congregation.

At some point in their lives the baptised usually decide that they would like to ‘confirm’ the decision made on their behalf when they were an infant or child. Parkwoods holds confirmation classes every few years so that young adults might learn something of their faith and make their own decision to confirm the faith in Jesus Christ and membership in the Christian Church.

Typically at Parkwoods, these membership classes are for people 14 years of age and older. The classes take place over many months and are a mix of formal teaching as well as attending a movie together and discussing its significance from a Christian perspective. If possible the candidates take part in a weekend youth retreat organized by either the Presbytery or Conference as well. Each candidate for confirmation is also expected to write their own statement of faith based on an outline provided for them. This is an opportunity to personalize their class experience and may even have the candidate writing about their favourite song, poem, play, etc.

Once the candidates have completed their preparation they are known as ‘confirmands’ and they are ‘confirmed’ on Easter Sunday. With their confirmation they are considered fully members in their own right and have all the privileges and responsibilities as any other member of the congregation.

Adults may also choose to prepare for confirmation as well.

Please contact the minister if you are interested in confirming your membership in Parkwoods United Church.