Due to the passing of Rita Kent, who was President of the UCW from 2011 until her death in January, 2020, the ladies decided to step away from the United Church Women program and rename themselves the “Parkwoods Women’s Group”.  A dedicated group of women still meet informally, on a regular basis – the third Wednesday of the month at 1:30 p.m. – in faith, fellowship and for conversation.  All women in the congregation are invited to join us.

As part of the UCW organization, many events were planned over the years by the women of Parkwoods – bazaars, rummage sales, card parties, dessert parties, pot luck suppers and strawberry festivals raising money to support the work of the church.  All this while growing in spiritual matters and strong fellowship.

Just as the rest of the church changed, so did the United Church Women.  Women were returning to the work force, others moved away and still others passed away, all causing a decline in membership.  In 1985 the original six units were reduced to five.  In keeping with the times, the UCW became involved in local social concerns and were no longer catering just at church events.  Other groups took on sharing these tasks, giving the women time to help support our own Parkwoods members or projects of special concern.  By 1994, there were 50 members in three units.

As of January 2014, due to declining membership, there was only the Pearl Unit which met the third Wednesday of the month at 1:30 p.m.  The Unit decided what the monthly program wouldbe – to study “Mandate”, invite outside speakers, present topics of interest or exchange ideas on a current topic which may result in an outreach project for the group.  Although their numbers were small, these faithful women continued to meet regularly to enjoy fellowship and to contribute to the life of Parkwoods and to make contributions to various shelters and other outreach projects.

One of the special events remembered by the women was the “Day Apart”, a day-long program held away from home and church to worship and refresh themselves.  They remember it as a time of reflection and rejuvenation of the spirit.

Many Life Memberships have been given out over the years to UCW Presidents and others for their service to the church.

On March 23, 2015 Parkwoods UCW hosted the Southeast Presbytery Annual Meeting.  During the month of May items are collected for young mothers and their babies at Massey Centre.  Monetary donations are also collected.  In June and December an Auction is held with all money raised going to “Sleeping Children Around the World”.

One of the highlights of worship at Parkwoods has been the annual UCW Candlelight Service which is held the first Mondayevening of Advent.  Each member of the unit participates in the worship service with prayer, readings, introducing a guest speaker and distributing the candles for the singing of “Silent Night” at the close of the service.  All members of the congregation and folks in the community are invited to attend this service which for many is a beautiful and moving start to the Advent season.

For further information and inquires, contact Bev Miller or Barbara Griffin.