Season of Creation:  “God’s garden”   Friday, September 25, 2020

With our church building being locked up tight due to the COVID-19 virus since mid-March, and with me working from my home office, including Sunday mornings, there has been little or no need for me to visit our church home throughout the entire summer.  It is now the first week of autumn and I have had two occasions to return to the office, however briefly.  It was afternoon and evening and the lighting was perfect as our flowers have blossomed into riotous colour and seem so much more abundant this year than in previous years.  I don’t know their individual names but I did say (out loud, I hope no one was listening!):  “Thank you for looking so wonderful this year.  I wish more people could see you!”   God, and a couple of faithful volunteers, have produced a magnificent flower display – try to see it soon!

But that has me wondering.  What else has God been perfecting while I’ve been keeping my safe distance and following the guidelines to “stay safe, stay home”?  What else has God been bringing to life with the help of just a couple of God’s people?  What else has God got in store for all of us once we are encouraged to get out and about in God’s world to see the wonders that God has wrought?    

It would/will be amazing to come out of this pandemic only to discover that we may have been isolated but that God has been “loose upon the world”.  We should not be surprised that in the midst of what seems to us as the darkest days that God’s garden yet blooms and that the miraculous appears out of the mundane.  For Christians in this Season of Creation, we call that hope.

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