Season of Creation:  “No changes. No cancellations”   Monday, September 28, 2020

While planning a road trip I booked a number of hotels along the proposed route.  Naturally one does not want to spend money needlessly so with each booking I always opted for the cheapest rate.  Generally that rate was fifteen dollars less than the next rate and as I was booking two rooms that looked like a nice way to save thirty dollars per hotel.  Multiple that by three different hotels and I’ve save nearly a hundred dollars.

There was only one catch—the room reservations were:  “No changes.  No cancellations.”  No problem, until my relative who was flying in from another province needed to have a COVID test and that meant cancelling the first flight booking.  She would now arrive two days after the first hotel reservation!  So I called the three hotels, explained the situation, and asked if they could roll the existing reservation forward by two days.  They could.  They did.   And there was no charge for doing so.   They said that COVID has “changed everything”.

Would it not be wonderful if that thought were true, that COVID has “changed everything”?   It would mean that we live more by grace than by law.  That has a rather nice faith ring to it as well.   What if out of this pandemic individuals and corporations, communities and nations, all began to relate to one another on the basis of mutual need rather than rules and regulations established to favor one side and not the other.  There would be far fewer dissatisfied customers, stressed employees, strife within communities and wars of any type between neighbours.  This is not an original thought but it would be something like “love thy neighbour” put into practice.

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