Season of Pentecost “Cautious Joy”   November 9th, 2020

Just one week ago we were on pins and needles waiting for the US to start it election the next day.  They did.  And for the next 4 days we were on pins and needles waiting for the ballots to be counted.  It was an unprecedented voter turnout in an unprecedented year where mail-in ballots became the norm rather than the exception.  And then one television network, followed by other news outlets, made the call:  the Biden/Harris ticket had won and Joe Biden would be president-elect.  Many in the US burst with joy.  Many more in the rest of the world were ecstatic.

Joy.  It’s such a “churchy” term.  Yet it is very much the word that describes the hopes of those who anticipate significant change and a return to honesty and decency in the leadership of their country.  It seems they will not be disappointed.  For the world, however, there is a sigh of relief that maybe a global partner who could be trusted to honor international agreements and commitments would finally wake from its winter of discontent.

This must be a “cautious joy” though as almost as many voted for the darkness of winter as voted for the new light of spring.  It was close.  Too close really.  It remains a signal that at this point in time nearly half of the American population liked the last four years.  In the midst of joy that can be a disturbing reality.

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