Season of Pentecost “Oops, that was a mistake” October 26, 2020

I decided with the arrival of the Second Wave of this corona virus and the government decision to restrict more activities in Toronto again that perhaps it was time for me to consider ordering groceries online. A number of grocery stores offer the service and once you get past all the registration rigmarole online then it is pretty straightforward. I’ve tried three different companies so far. The first order was picked by robots in a warehouse and forwarded to me in a fancy truck with a freezer compartment as well as a refrigerated and plain/dry compartment as well. Everything arrived just as ordered. The second grocer turned out to be a third-party personal shopper service. Several of the items I ordered were substituted with something similar but always more expensive. The order was delivered by the shopper in his car—sort of an “uber grocer” experience.
The third try was with a grocer whose staff picked the order. The food was delivered in the fancy truck with three compartments…and the order was exactly as I had placed it. That is when I discovered that I had made a mistake. The bananas were pictured online as a bunch—so I ordered 1. Yes, I received 1 banana. My second mistake was that having read just last week how good beets are for one I saw a bag of beets and ordered 1. I received 1 bag of beets, one 10 lb bag of beets!! The bag did not look that big online!!
So I baked the beets on a cookie sheet and then froze most of them whole. Today I took some of the refrigerator and made borscht. I had not made it before but the results are wonderful and I’ve learned something new. Actually I’ve learned three things: count the bananas, check the size of the bag you are ordering, and borscht is really easy to make! Would that all mistakes tasted so good!

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